Day 1 – A little bit of walking

Today is a much better day than yesterday. I am no longer sat in the house sobbing uncontrollable and venting my frustration on the internet which has to be a good thing.

Being as walking (and indeed any physical activity that I can manage to make myself do) makes me feel better with the balance, at the time of doing it at least, I took myself on a walk today.

11.29km ….. not bad.

Nadine's Dizzy Walk - Day 1
Nadine’s Dizzy Walk – Day 1

I’ve got back a bit of my momentum to fix this thing myself.

While I’m walking I do something (which might seem a little lethal!) to try and improve the use of the balance organ in my ears. I close my eyes for 10 seconds, then open, then close, then open. I’m trying to make sure my brain does not rely too heavily on visual input. I couldn’t see any noticeable difference on this walk. Anything vaguely patterned was still a sea of nonsense, and the autumn leaves are always strobing on the ground.

But still better that sitting on my sofa and crying.


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